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Pre-Apprenticeship Candidate Training

PACT Program

Next Intakes:
September 3, 2024
Deadline to Apply: July 26, 2024

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PACT, Pre-Apprenticeship Candidate Training Program is offered at the Edmonton Electrical Industry Training Centre, with 3 intakes per year. Those applying for the program must submit applications before the deadline. 

The program provides students with the knowledge required to successfully begin a career in the Electrical Trade and Unionized Electrical Contractors with reliable, productive and competent Apprentices.  Upon completion students challenge the first period Alberta Apprenticeship Industry Exam and earn workforce placement with an IBEW 424/ECAA Contractor.

Program Summary
  • 12 Weeks
  • Competitive Program
  • $1000 Tuition
  • Recognized by AIT
  • Workforce Placement
  • Union Advantage

PACT Application Process

STEP 1:  Complete Application

Applications available on-line or at EITCA.  All required documents must accompany your application.

Please Note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Please make sure to read the instructions on the first page of the application and ensure all requirements have been met.  

STEP 2:  Submit by Intake Deadline

Submit in person, by fax or email.  Once your completed application is received it will be reviewed for the interview selection process*.

* PACT is a competitive program, upon review of applications, EITCA will contact those that have been chosen for an interview.

* PACT applications are kept on file for 2 years

PACT Program Vision

To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a successful career in the Electrical Trade and Signatory Contractors with reliable, productive and competent apprentices.

Students will Learn:

  • Theoretical Foundation
  • Practical Application
  • Safety Awareness
  • Soft Skills
  • Industry Engagement


Program Model

  • Competitive selection
  • $1000 tuition
  • 12 weeks (400 hours)
  • Instructor lead
  • Small class size
  • Workforce placement

Program Elements


  • Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT) - electrician course outline
  • AIT Individual Learning Modules (ILMs)
    • Circuit Fundamentals
    • EMF Sources
    • Lab Fundamentals
    • Canadian Electrical Code & Drawings
    • Workplace Safety


Shop Projects including:

  • Conduit Installation
  • Wire Pull Techniques
  • Splicing &Termination
  • Cable & Tray Supports
  • Wiring Boards
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Residential Wiring Booth
  • Redline Drawings
  • LOTO Procedures
  • Wiring Methods
  • Meter Applications
  • Switching & Controls


Work Ready Workforce
  • Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS)
    • Fall Protection
    • First Aid
  • Electrical Safety Training Systems (ESTS)
    • Arc Flash
    • EWP


“P.A.C.T. is a lot more personal due to the smaller class size and structure of the course, which makes it very tight knit.”
- Jaylene Denton (PACT 2015) – 3rd year apprentice

“P.A.C.T. gave me both hands on experience and a working knowledge of electrical theory before entering the workforce, which was a major benefit throughout my apprenticeship.” 
- Damian Supersad (PACT 2011) - Project Coordinator, Master Electrician, ICCS

“PACT allowed me to learn trade specific skills from a skilled journeyman in a classroom environment without the pressure of a schedule or budget. It gave me a great starting knowledge base that I was able to expand and improve on when I got out on a real job."
- James Magill (PACT 2005) – RSE, Journeyman Electrician

“Coming through the P.A.C.T program into the electrical trade was hugely beneficial! The program equipped me with the skills and understanding I needed to be a valuable employee on my first day.”
- Alexander Hamilton (PACT 2016) – 2nd year apprentice

“The practical knowledge they come with is a huge advantage for themselves, the journey person they are working with and ownership.”
- Brent Connell, Edmonton Electric

“PACT apprentices have the upper hand on most “starter” apprentices because they are given time to work on “field” techniques as well.”
- Brian Small, Chemco Electrical Contractors

“I owe everything I have to the PACT program, my home, my family and overall quality of life.  All were made possible by the PACT program giving me an “in” to the electrical trade and allowing me to realize my dreams.”
- James Magill (PACT 2005) – RSE, Journeyman Electrician

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in PACT, especially after spending quite some time trying to find a starter job in the trade with no luck.”
- Jaylene Denton (PACT 2015) –3rd year apprentice