(780) 462-5729
Provider Location Contact Website
ACTI Edmonton 587-340-3849 website
Air Extreme Edmonton 780-439-3362 website
Fusion Safety Edmonton 780-235-6500 website
Herc Rentals Edmonton 780-435-3711 website
Iron Workers Edmonton 780-482-0720 website
ISafety Edmonton 780-756-9191  website
MI Safety Edmonton 780-987-3465  website
Mission Safety Edmonton 780-449-2700  website
SCS Safety Edmonton 780-485-3585  website
Spectrum Safety Edmonton 780-429-6757  website
Western Edmonton 780-469-4887  website
RAC Group  Edmonton 1-855-722-2276  website
Pacific Ropes  Edmonton 1-604-447-8055  website
Edmonton Area
Advantage Learning Sherwood Park  587-456-0102 website
HSE Safety Fort Saskatchewan 780-998-2266  website
Safety Buzz Bonnyville 780-573-2777  website
Touchback Acheson 780-960-8766  website
Training Inc Lethbridge 403-320-5100  website
Fort McMurray
Advantage Learning Fort McMurray 780-743-5001  website
CICT Fort McMurray 780-790-1230 website
Red Deer
Rhino Safety Red Deer 403-358-5102  website
Safety Now Red Deer 403-340-1883  website
ACTI Calgary 587-585-2428  website
AIP Safety Calgary 403-202-2477  website
Fusion Safety Calgary 403-313-1345  website
Herc Rentals Calgary 403-248-5414  website
Northstar Safety Calgary 403-319-0878  website

* This is not an exhaustive list.  Please contact a Training Administrator prior to registering for outside training courses with providers not listed above. 

Please contact EITCA with any questions regarding approved training providers.  In order to be reimbursed you must be an eligible beneficiary and in good standing with the IBEW Local Union 424.