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Course Description

Members must be Eligible for Training Benefits and in good standing with IBEW 424. Please review the Approved Training Providers prior to scheduling training.

The Alberta Fire Code states in rule 2) b): Only qualified persons shall install, test or perform maintenance on a fire alarm system described in Section 6.3.

While issuance of a PIN is not a specific requirement of the Alberta Fire Code, the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta is one of two Associations administering the PIN system, for the convenience of individuals who are requested to provide their qualification information by Fire Officials, Building owners, etc.

Please note that for those Electricians that currently have PIN’s as assigned by the former Alberta Labour, no further action is necessary.

Alberta Electricians certified before September 1, 1991, are required to take an additional course in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems before making application for a PIN number.  Contact EITCA for more information.

Alberta Electricians certified after September 1, 1991 are invited to make application because they completed a component of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in their fourth period of training.  

Approved for Reimbursement for eligible members.  Maximum reimbursement amount is $55.00

Institutional Reimbursement Form 

Our Mission

The Mission of the Training Centre is to meet the practical and theoretical training needs of the Unionized Electrical Industry.