Health & Welfare


  • 300 hours reported by your employer to the Fund Office within 2-4 consecutive months, followed by a 1 (one) calendar month waiting period. Eligibility commences the first day of the month following the waiting period.


  • 120 hours per month deducted for one month of coverage.

Hour Bank

  • The maximum Hour Bank of 1,080 hours allows for  9 (nine) months of coverage in case of unemployment, or leave of absence.

Self Payments

  • An Application and Preauthorized Debit Plan Agreement must be received in the Fund Office prior to losing your Hour Bank.
  • Self-Payments are withdrawn on the last business day of each month.
  • If you wish to continue your coverage when your Hour Bank expires, you must make Self-Payments until you requalify for coverage through hours worked (see Eligibility paragraph above).
  • Self-Payments must be made consecutively after your Hour Bank expires or your Years-of-Service Bank is forfeited.

Years-Of-Service Bank

  • Contact the Fund Office to determine qualification at retirement.

Summary of Benefits

for Plan Members who are eligible through Hours reported by a Contributing Employer

Life Insurance

  • Member   $ 150,000
  • Spouse    $    10,000
  • Child          $     2,000
  • Accidental Death $ 150,000 (Plan Member only)

Weekly Disability

  • $ 524 per week.
  • Commences on the 8th day of disability.
  • Maximum of 51 weeks of disability combined with Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness benefits.
  • E.I. Sickness benefits pay up to a maximum of 15 weeks.

Long Term Disability

  • $ 2,269 per month from 53rd week of disability.
  • Accidental Injury - until no longer totally disabled, or until age 60, whichever occurs first.
  • All other disabilities - until no longer totally disabled, or for 10 years, or until age 60, whichever occurs first.
  • If requirements are met, a Plan Member who is younger than age 60, disabled and is receiving Long Term Disability benefits shall have 85 hours per month of Future Hours Credit contributed to the Electrical Industry Pension Trust Fund of Alberta.


  • Semi-Private accommodation.

Supplementary Health Expense

  • 100% of eligible covered expenses (e.g. ambulance, artificial limbs, eye exams for medical purposes, orthopedic devices) are limited to Reasonable & Customary fees.
  • Paramedical expenses such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy, are limited to Reasonable & Customary fees. A referral for paramedical services from a Physician or specialist (MD) is required each year. A referral for chiropractic services can be provided by a chiropractor. All paramedical referrals will remain valid for one year from the date on the referral. 
  • Virtual and/or telehealth appointments are covered under the Plan.

Prescription Drugs

  • 90% coverage
  • Calendar year maximum of $10,000 per person
  • Drug cards
  • Lower Cost Alternative Pricing (LCA)
  • Dispensing Fee Limit - $13.00
  • Fertility Drugs - $15,000 per person per lifetime.
  • Smoking Cessation Drugs - $500 lifetime maximum
  • Erectile Dysfunction Drugs - $500 calendar year maximum per person
  • Epipens - $250 per person per calendar year
  • Special Authorization Drugs - pre-approval of certain drugs will be required to purchase a Special Authorization drug
  • Diabetic Supplies and Compound Drug dispensing fees are limited to the wholesale cost plus allowable provincial markup as set for each province from time to time.

Hearing Aids

  • $ 1,250 per person, every 5 calendar years.

Vision Care

  • Prescription glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery, $500 every 2 calendar years for those 18 and over.
  • $90 - maximum of one eye examination every 2 calendar years.
  • For eligible Dependents under the age of 18 years, the $500 is available each calendar year if required due to a prescription change.
  • Exclusions - no allowances are provided for non-corrective lenses, repairs to glasses or frames purchased separately.

Dental Care (Routine and Major Restorative)

90% of the Schedule of Dental Fees, maximum $3,000 per calendar year (for basic and major procedures combined), with no deductible.

  • composites on molars are covered
  • bitewing x-ray – once per calendar year
  • panoramic x-ray – once every 2 calendar years
  • recall examination – once per calendar year
  • polishing – once per calendar year
  • scaling – no limit on units
  • fluoride – no age restriction
  • replacement appliances (dentures/bridges) – once every 5 years from the date of installation of the previous appliance
  • temporary appliances – must be replaced by a permanent appliance within 12 months
  • adjustments to dentures – allowed after 3 months of installation of an appliance


  • 90% of the Schedule of Dental Fees; separate $2,500 lifetime maximum per Plan Member or Dependent.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Lifeworks

Voluntary and confidential short-term counselling and advisory service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Call Toll Free:

         1-877-207-8833     (English)

         1-877-371-9978     (Hearing Impaired)

         1-877-370-1080     (French)


This very brief summary is intended to provide only an overview of the main features of the Health & Welfare Plan. The amounts payable and all your rights under the Health & Welfare Plan are governed by the actual wording of the Rules and Regulations in the Electrical Industry Insurance Benefit Trust Fund of Alberta Plan booklet.

In the event of a discrepancy between the contents of this website and the Plan Booklet and Rules and Regulations, the Plan Booklet and Rules and Regulations take precedence.  Plan Members are encouraged to review the Plan Booklet or contact EBFA should they have any questions.

Plan Members and providers must contact the Fund Office to confirm if certain Benefits apply to each claimant.