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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you have answers to all of your questions.


General FAQ

As a starting point, here are some basic questions and answers about IBEW 424 and your membership with us.

What does the union do for me?

  1. Negotiates and enforces the collective agreement.
  2. Settles your grievances.
  3. Organizes.
  4. Prepares necessary paperwork (insurances, pension, W.C.B.).
  5. Keeps you informed (meetings, newsletters, etc.).
  6. Supports fair labour legislation.
  7. Furnishes legal protection. (within the scope of the IBEW Constitution).
  8. Acts in your interest with the community as well as the management.
  9. Seeks employment for its members, not only in your own jurisdiction but elsewhere as well.
  10. Brings membership and their families together at social functions (Christmas parties, Golf Tournaments, Pin Banquet, etc.).

Where do my union dues go?

  1. Rent, supplies and equipment.
  2. Salaries and expenses of full time representatives, staff.
  3. Affiliation Fees: Alberta Federation of Labour, Alberta Building Trades Council.
  4. Printing, postage, education materials.
  5. Labour Board and Arbitration Expenses.
  6. Legal expenses.
  7. Costs incurred with disputes.
  8. Organizing expense, negotiation expenses.
  9. Training seminars, progress meetings, etc.

What is a Registration Number on the Unemployed List?

Members not employed in the trade may register on the unemployed list by calling any of the three IBEW offices. Registration numbers are issued in ascending, sequential order. Members registered on the unemployed list are issued an “out of work” number based on the time and date they registered on the unemployed list.

The Out of Work list is maintained by the IBEW local 424 dispatch department. Subject to the IBEW Local 424 hiring procedure, members who have been on the list the longest will have first opportunity to fill a request.

In the Event a members changes classification, i.e. from apprentice to journeyman, he will be issued a new “out of work” number on the new unemployed list that corresponds to the same time and date he received his number in the previous classification. This ensures no loss of seniority when changing classification.

What is the callout/dispatch procedure?

Members may register for manpower requests by:

  • Phoning any one of the IBEW Local 424 offices between the hours of 8:00am – 9:00am.
  • Being present at any one of the IBEW Local 424 offices between the hours of 8:00am – 9:00am.
  • Being present at the Edmonton Union office during call-out at 9:30am.

Dues and assessments must be paid prior to issuance of clearances. The member’s dues shall be determined by the local unions’ records. Dues deducted by the employer and not received by the Local Union Office will not be considered paid unless suitable payroll deduction proof is provided.

Members successful in obtaining jobs will be contacted by the Local Union Office. Members may pick up their worksite clearance and job entry information from any Local Union office. If the member is not successful he will not be contacted.

IMPORTANT: When registering for a call, you are committing yourself as being available for work for that employer. Should you refuse to commence employment you will be issued a new number on the bottom of the unemployed list. In addition, a 7-day waiting period will be applied before you are able to apply for another job. Refusing to commence employment may also result in site-ban or company no-rehire for a period up to 90 days.

How do I know what jobs are available?

Current requests “calls” for workers can be viewed here. Or to hear recorded descriptions, phone the numbers in the Access JobLine on the Phone box to the right of the jobline. The job line is updated at the end of each business day. All requests are also visibly displayed at the Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray Local Union offices.