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Code of Excellence


The Code of Excellence allows us to do just that by demonstrating and showcasing the skills and professionalism of I.B.E.W. 424 members.

In essence, the Code of Excellence is a marketing and action program based on real-world, everyday demonstration by I.B.E.W. members of professional workmanship and customer relations. The Code of Excellence is:

  • Highest quality and quantity of work; 
  • Using our best skills; and
  • Using our best work practices.

The goal of the Code of Excellence is quality, productivity, and professionalism demonstrated every day, by every I.B.E.W. member.

The Code of Excellence is designed to instill a sense of pride and professionalism in our membership. This attitude will demonstrate to employers and customers that the I.B.E.W. is synonymous with excellence — its success demands that members demonstrate teamwork on the job and project a good attitude about the work we do both on and off the job.

The Code of Excellence is also based around the idea that if we are to succeed as an organization, it must be up to us, not external forces. The Code of Excellence is not dependent upon collectively bargained provisions or employer oversight.

This program must have the total support of the local union at all levels, and the Officers of the local union must pay particular attention to this task by setting an example for others to follow, as well as promoting the Code of Excellence.

Every member of IBEW 424 has been trained in the code of excellence. The principals are:

Give “eight for eight”, which means to be where you should be on the job performing your assigned tasks.

Give an honest day’s work.

Use the proper tools for the job.

Be a safe employee and point out unsafe conditions to others.

Be a drug and alcohol-free worker.

Be an Ambassador for our industry; make sure our customer would want to hire you again.

Listen to and carry out work assignments in a timely fashion.

Use material in an appropriate manner, thus eliminating waste.

Treat employer’s tools as well as you would treat your own.

Respect the steward and supervision.

Through the quality of your work, show that you are the most-productive, highest-skilled and best trained electrician the customer could employ.

Have a sense of pride in your craftsmanship.

Have a positive attitude about your work on and off the job.

Honor the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.