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The truth about the economy

Jun 20, 2011General News

Robert Reich is an American political economist who served as a very pro-union Secretary of Labour during the Clinton administration.

He knows that unions are essential to a free and democratic society and has stated, “Unionization is not just good for workers in unions, unionization is very, very important for the economy overall, and would create broad benefits for the United States”. Of course we know that the benefits of unionization extent throughout the world.

 In this short clip, Mr. Reich, (as a political economist), explains what happens when the economy operates only in the interests of the rich and points out that a healthy, contributing middle class results in a healthy economy.

 The attack on working people and the so called “middle class” Please read Mr. Reich’s article on how the right wing’s attack on working people (and our unions), is wrecking the American economy. And please understand that Canadians and Albertans are non immune to such attacks


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