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Dues Payment Methods

Oct 02, 2020General News

Due to Covid-19 and Many staff working from home we have updated our dues payment methods.



1.  Call in with a Visa and MasterCard

2.  Call in with a Debit Visa and Debit MasterCard

3.  Mail a Cheque

4.  Mail a Money Order

5.  Call in with a Prepaid Credit Card [Not Vanilla and Not the CC that say you must be “present” to use them]

6.  EFT [money transfer] NEW as of October 2, 2020

                -Email [email protected]

                Please Include

                -First and Last Name

                -Contact Number

                -Card Number

                -$ amount

7.  Cash can be taken at the Edmonton Office by booking an appointment

8.  Dues Receipts can be emailed or mailed


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