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Building and Construction Trades Department Information Request

Feb 11, 2013General News

Brothers and Sisters

Please see the attached correspondence from Phil Flemming, IBEW First District International Vice-President. In this letter Brother Flemming has requested the Local Union to provide the Canadian office of the Building and Construction Trades Department (Building Trades) and through association, Ledger Marketing the membership list for our Local Union, complete with names and contact information.

We will not do this, our privacy commitment to you, our membership, only permits us to release your personal information for the legitimate purposes of our union and which are required to properly administer our Collective Agreements, Constitution and Bylaws and/or to administer our various benefit plans. Without your express written consent we cannot and will not release your personal information for any other purposes.

So with that in I mind I would ask you to review the request from the Building Trades which has been attached below and would encourage you to voluntarily participate in this survey. The Building Trades are making a legitimate effort to revamp themselves and to be more responsive to the wants and needs of their members (you) and they require your feed back to determine what your wants and needs are.

You pay for the operation of this body through a special dues assessment off your pay cheque when you are working ($0.05/hr. to the Provincial Council and $0.01/hr. to the Canadian office) you should have a direct say in setting this organizations priorities. Here is your chance, after reading the information below if you are willing to participate in this membership survey please click on the link below and provide your name and the contact information you wish to share and we will forward this information off to the first district office as requested.



“YES- I want to participate.” Click Here

Thank-you for your attention to this matter 


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