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May 17, 2014Surveys

Survey Is Ending July 25th !!!

Brothers and Sisters of I.B.E.W. Local 424

As we are preparing to go into negotiations this year for our next Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Executive Board is going to act as the Steering Committee for the Local Union.

With your input we will try to sort out the major points, itemize them and forward to the Negotiating Committee.

The Negotiating Committee will then go through them and draft up what they will take to negotiations.

Please bear in mind that our negotiations are two part:

  1. Framework Bargaining (Big Table Negotiations) - which entail 22 local unions participating in issues that have been deemed industry specific.  In these we are but 1 vote in 22 and if the rest of the industry chose to go in a different direction than the one we would like to we would be bound to it.
  2. Small Table Negotiations – Once big table negotiations are completed we enter into negotiations with the ECAA on trade specific issues.

We must also remember that most of the PLA conditions we work under are dealt with at the big table and that these PLA’s have in the past few years increased our market share in the industry and put hundreds if not thousands of our brothers and sisters back to work. With our current work climate we anticipate many members will just say get rid of them, but we find it very unlikely that we will be able to obtain the Industry wide agreement to make this happen, so we feel it might also be helpful to put forward suggestions of how we might improve these agreements. 

There may be some things that can be brought forward to the big table. To get on the agenda they will have to be common to the rest of the Local Unions and we urge you to bring forward your suggestions. We would also like to hear your suggestions for trade specific items dealing with the ECAA.

Click This Link for more info on Framework Bargaining

You can click on this link HERE to leave your comments.

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Local 424


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