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Important JobLine Notes

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Please Read Carefully Before Bidding

  • Any Member who successfully bids on a job and chooses not to report will be required to sign the bottom of the OUT OF WORK list.
  • All members bidding on geographical hiring project: If you do not have an active address in our system you will be required to verify your current address as per our hiring procedure prior to bidding
  • Any member living within a 45km radius of the Edmonton, Calgary or Fort McMurray halls must pay their dues and pick up their clearances in person (before 3:00pm Monday to Thursday or before 2:00pm on Fridays) prior to reporting to the job site.
  • Anyone wanting to bid on a job must register by phone or in person between 8 and 9:30 a.m. at any 424 office.
  • It is still the member’s responsibility to pick up their clearance slip prior to site entry.
  • Dues must be paid up prior to taking a "call" — bring in the last two months paystubs to verify dues deduction.
  • All job calls will be considered indefinite in duration unless an exact completion date is specified.
  • Members must ensure D&A test results, when required, are confirmed negative before reporting to site.
  • All jobs are subject to lifting, pulling, climbing and heights — we will indicate specific requirements (eg, extreme heights) if it is required.
  • As per the Collective Agreement, all calls are based on a 5/8s or 4/10s work week. Any other shift duration listed can be changed at the contractor’s discretion without notice.
  • Starting Tuesday, February 16, 2010, any member wanting to bid on a Code of Excellence job must have completed the COE course prior to bidding.
  • This procedure will be enforced for all combination calls (including electricians, welders, instrument technicians {mechanics], linemen, power systems electricians, operators [equipment], with a higher level of apprenticeship status having priority if no dual ticket is available.
  • If you Bid on a Foreman Job you may not bid on a Journeyman call in the same day