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Hiring Procedure

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Hiring Hall Procedure

REVISED April , 2020 - Download a Copy



The Union Hiring Procedure is operated primarily for the Members of Local Union 424 and secondly for other Members of the IBEW.

When job requests exist which cannot be filled by the Members of the IBEW, this office may at its discretion dispatch qualified non-Members on a permit basis.

Ø  To make available to Local Union Members a practical and fair procedure; which provides opportunity for employment.

Ø  To offer those Members who have been unemployed the longest, the first opportunity to work when fair Contractors and sister locals of the IBEW request our services.

The success of the hiring procedure is contingent upon your support and co- operation.


Members not employed in the trade may register on the unemployed list.

1.     Members may phone the Edmonton, Calgary or Fort McMurray Union offices to register on the Unemployed List.

2.    Members may report to the Edmonton, Calgary or Fort McMurray Union offices to register on the Unemployed List.

3.    Name, telephone number, classification, date and previous Employer are required.

4.    For the purposes of this procedure, Members are considered unemployed when they have left the job site, vacated camp and are off the employer’s payroll (which would include any pack up time received on a layoff) following termination from the employer and if they are not returning.

5.    The employer termination slip (if applicable) or a Record of Employment may be required.

6.    Upon registering, the Member will be assigned a Registration Number for callout/dispatch procedures.

7.     When registering on the Unemployed List, the Member is certifying unemployment and agreeing to abide by the Hiring Procedure.

1.               All requests for workers are advertised on the job line recorder at the following phone numbers and website link:
Job Line Website
The job line is updated at the end of the business day. All requests received are referred to callout normally at 9:30 a.m. the following day.
2.              All requests will be visibly displayed at the Union Offices. Callout will take place at 9:30 a.m. for Journeymen (Book 1, Book 2) requests, followed by Apprentice (Book 1, Book 2) requests.

3.              Subject to the Hiring Procedure, Members who have been registered on the Unemployed List the longest will have first opportunity to fill a request. Registration numbers will be used in numerical order for callout purposes.

4.              Members, Permits & Travelers may register for job requests;

a)                      By being present at the Union office in Edmonton and registering prior to 9:30 a.m.

b)                      By phoning the Edmonton Union Hall 780-462-5076

5.              All combination calls will be dispatched as follows:

Ø  Journeyman Welder /Journeyman Electrician (Dual Ticket)

Ø  Journeyman Welder /4th Year Apprentice Electrician

Ø  Journeyman Welder / 3rd Year Apprentice Electrician

Ø  Journeyman Welder / 2nd Year Apprentice Electrician

Ø  Journeyman Welder /1st Year Apprentice Electrician

This procedure will be enforced for all combination calls including; Electricians, Welders, Instrument Mechanics/Technicians, Linemen, Power Systems Electricians, Operators (Equipment) with a higher level of Apprenticeship status having priority, if no dual ticket is available.

6.              Dues and assessments must be paid prior to issuance of clearances. The Member’s dues shall be determined by the Local Union’s records. Dues deducted by the Employer and not received by the Local Union Office will not be considered paid however, the Member may provide proof of payment with pay stubs showing those outstanding dues being deducted.

7.               Members may be required to supply copies of employment, or employment insurance, records to dispatch upon request, prior to being dispatched.

8.              Members successful in obtaining jobs shall pick up their clearance slips from the unit office of their primary residence (Edmonton, Calgary or Fort McMurray), within 48 hours, unless there are special circumstances that prohibit this and it has been authorized by the Business Manager. For Members residing outside of a 45 km radius may request to have their clearance slips faxed or emailed to them.

9.              Apprentice Members shall produce their Apprenticeship Record Book with up-to- date work record, along with verification of a valid apprenticeship, prior to being issued a dispatch slip.


A Local Resident shall mean any Employee who:

Is a Member of the Union and has resided within a 75km radius of the center of a job site which is beyond daily commuting distance from Edmonton or Calgary and whose principle residence is the place where he/she, in the settled routine of his/her life, regularly, normally or customarily lives, with the underlying premise that everyone must be resident somewhere.

As per Appendix E of the Collective Agreement for work performed under the Construction Agreement Local Residents who reside within a radius of 10km of the Main General Post Office in Banff, Barrhead, Bonnyville, Brooks, Camrose, Canmore, Coaldale, Cold Lake, Crowsness Pass, Drayton Valley, Drumheller, Edson, Fort McMurray, Grande Cache, Grande Centre, Grande Prairie, Hinton, Innisfail, Jasper, Lacombe, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, Olds, Peace River, Ponoka, Red Deer, Redcliffe, Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House, Slave Lake, St. Paul, Stettler, Strathmore, Sylvan Lake, Taber, Vegreville, Vermilion, Wainwright, Westlock, Wetaskiwin, and Whitecourt, may have preference of employment on jobs located within a radius of 10 km from the Main General Post Office in the aforementioned towns or cities.


A Local Resident shall mean any Employee who:

Is a Member of the Union and has resided within a 75 km radius of the center of a job site which is beyond daily commuting distance from Edmonton or Calgary and whose principle residence is the place where he/she, in the settled routine of his/her life, regularly, normally or customarily lives, with the underlying premise that everyone must be resident somewhere.

For work performed under all Maintenance Agreements requiring local residents to stay in camp, calls will be open to any Member. Those out of work the longest shall have the first opportunity to be dispatched.


In making determination the following factors will be taken into consideration:

1)               The dwelling place of the person’s spouse and dependents

2)              Personal property and social ties to a specific community

3)              Residential ties elsewhere

4)              Permanence and purpose of residence in a particular community

5)              As well as five of the following documents:

     a)       Driver’s license or Government issued identification (current Province of primary residence)

     b)       Insurance (home, tenant or auto)

     c)        Vehicle registration

     d)       Utility bills (landline phone, power or natural gas/propane)

     e)       Rental or Lease agreement (complete)

     f)         Bank or credit card statements (address section only)

     g)       Employment Insurance Statement (address section only)

     h)       Government documents (address section only) ex: (record of employment, property tax or income tax assessment)

     i)         Employee Benefit Funds Administration Registration


The Business Manager may authorize Members to seek employment by non-signatory Contractors for the purpose of organizing the unorganized.

Unemployed Members shall report to the Organizer for the purpose of assisting as needed in the organizing program. The Unemployed Member must sign a “Salting Clearance” after one (1) full week of employment with a non-signatory Employer

The Organizer shall maintain records of all Members authorized to seek employment by non-signatory employers including date(s) of authorization, date(s) of employment, and other pertinent information.

Such Members, when employed by non-signatory employers, shall work diligently at the job and to organize as per the Alberta Labour Relations Code.

Such Members shall remain on the Unemployed List subject to fulfilling the above assignments.

Members who fail to comply with the above assignments are subject to removal from the Unemployed List and having the Local Union Salting Clearance revoked upon request by Membership development.

Any Members accepting employment by a non-signatory Employer, except as authorized shall be subject to charges and discipline as provided by the Constitution and Bylaws, Article XX, Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4.

“Covered Employment” means employment in a related trade covered by legitimate union collective agreement not in conflict with IBEW or Local Union 424.

“Travelling” means employed in the trade covered by an IBEW Collective Agreement outside the trade and geographical jurisdiction of Local Union 424 as defined by the I.B.E.W. International.

Members employed in the trade when travelling or working in covered employment may remain registered on the Unemployed List.

While working in another local’s jurisdiction, all Members must check in with that local’s business office, prior to commencing employment.

1.               The Hiring Procedure is established pursuant to Article 20, Section 10 of Local Union 424’s Bylaws.

2.              Union Clearance is required prior to being employed in the electrical trade. When employment is terminated with the Employer, Union Clearance is required prior to commencing employment with any other Employers.

3.              Members employed in trade related work while on the Unemployed List except as permitted by the Local Union Policies, are required to pay working dues.

4.              Members in contravention of the Hiring Procedure shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Local Union Executive Board.

5.              Subject to a recommendation of the Executive Board, the Business Manager may reserve the right to refuse a Clearance to any Member.

6.              The Business Manager may dispatch Members at any time, subject to the protection of life, imminent danger to property, the protection of the IBEW Trade Jurisdiction and when stripping under the Organizing Program.

7.              The Business Office reserves the right to co-operate with Officers of the Employment Insurance Commission regarding Members registering for work on the list.

8.              The Business Manager may delegate to his staff the operation and implementation of the Hiring Procedure.

9.              Members dispatched shall report to the employer for work not later than the following work day. Employers may reject stale dated clearances.

10.          When Employers legitimately require workers with specialty skills, Members not sufficiently experienced with that skill should refrain from filling such requests. Members taking calls, that do not have the appropriate qualifications or training, may have to sign the out of work list.

Employers may request Foremen and General Foremen subject to interview. Three Members will be cleared from the Unemployed List to the Employer for interview. Members selected for the interview process will not be allowed to put in for any other call on that day. Members not accepted by the Employer will be placed back on the Unemployed List.

11.            Any Member accepting a clearance under IBEW Agreement shall be considered employed. Layoffs shall not be solicited by any Member. Out of work numbers will be adjusted according to the number of days worked. The ability to return to your adjusted position on the Unemployed List will be allowed ONE TIME ONLY in a one (1) calendar year period. These conditions shall apply to the following 3 scenarios;

     a)      Members dispatched on calls of one (1) month duration or longer, and LAID OFF within the first Twenty-One (21) days of employment will be returned to their adjusted position on the Unemployed List.

     b)     Members dispatched on calls of two (2) weeks plus duration, and LAID OFF within the first Fourteen (14) days of employment will be returned to their adjusted position on the Unemployed List.

     c)       Members dispatched on calls of one (1) week plus duration, and LAID OFF within   the first Seven (7) days of employment will be returned to their adjusted position on the Unemployed List.

The dispatch records, will be the only records used in determining the above.

12.           Employers may hire additional starter Apprentices as required when the Owner/Client requires the Employer to adhere to an employment equity policy program.

13.           Members who take a call and choose not to report to work will have to wait seven

(7) Calendar days from the date of re-signing the Unemployed List before taking another call.

14.           Members who fail to comply with drug and alcohol test will be required to re-sign the Unemployed List.

15.           The Local Union recognizes PACT, RAP, Trade Winds to Success and Women Building Futures as programs to enhance the industry. The Union reserves the right to dispatch those involved in these programs as required.

16.           The Local Union Hiring Procedure recognizes Appendix ‘F’ of the Collective Agreement between the ECAA and IBEW Local Union 424. The Local Union shall dispatch in accordance to the regulations of Appendix ‘F’.

17.           Any Member who quits a job covered by an IBEW Local 424 agreement must sign the out of work list and will not be dispatched for seven (7) calendar days.

New and returning Members may not accept a name hire, or supervisory position, until a minimum of 90 days has past, commencing from their latest initiation date, unless approved by the Busi