Benefits of Joining


For some it is an opportunity to earn more money, for others it is a respect issue. Bottom line — it's about creating a workplace that treats everyone fairly and gives workers a stronger say.

How many of these things do you see in one day where you currently work?

  • Unsafe work practices and conditions
  • Employers not supplying hard hats, safety glasses, work gloves etc.
  • Workers supplying their own power tools and cords/cordless drills
  • Apprentices working alone or unsupervised
  • Improper Journeyman/Apprentice ratio (should be one to one on a site)
  • Little or no benefits available for your family
  • No disability insurance
  • Benefits paid through payroll deduction
  • RRSPs deducted from your paycheck
  • No Pension plan
  • Tools may be purchased from the company
  • No paid overtime
  • No shift differential
  • No travel allowance
  • Sexual, racial or age discrimination
  • Using your own vehicle to transport tools and materials
  • No technical training allowance
  • No contract to show when you get a raise
  • Your current union does not support its members

If you answered yes to any one of these then you need a union in your workplace. When you join a union, the primary objective is to secure good contracts for you and your co-workers, and to make sure your Collective Agreement is followed and enforced — putting you more in the driver's seat.

At IBEW 424, we also deliver free training for apprentices and journeymen, an excellent benefit package and a pension plan that allows you to retire with dignity. These are all valuable items, but perhaps the most important thing the union can do is represent you. Knowing that if you are wronged at work someone is there to help you, or if you are injured and someone is there to assist you is invaluable.

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