Better Supervision

Pick the appropriate date that works well with your schedule by viewing available dates on the website: then contact EITCA to register. Better Supervision is paid for by the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta.


Better Supervision program description: Program Description - Full Classroom Learning is designed so that both new and experienced supervisors will find the learning valuable. New supervisors will find a core foundation of skills that will propel them to success. Experienced supervisors will find new solutions to issues and develop present skills to a new level. The three components consist of: Component I – BSV Better SuperVision Classroom and E-Learning (three days classroom plus 16 hours e-learning) E-Learning Portion: Prior to the completion of the classroom portion of the program participants will be expected to complete an e-learning program that has been developed by Constructions Sector Council and is approximately 16 hours in duration. Participants will need to have access to a computer that utilizes the PC windows format (not Mac) and also the internet. Participants will be provided access to the e-learning program one week prior to the commencement of the classroom portion. Participants will not be required to provide their own computers for the three days in the classroom. Classroom Portion: In a classroom setting, participants will have the opportunity to practice and work with the information contained in the e-learning program with their peers in the industry. The three days of classroom learning focus on the following topics:

Day 1: Supervision and Leadership 1. Role of Supervisor 2. Communication – Listening Skills 3. Communication – Giving Direction and Feedback 4. Conflict Resolution

Day 2: Leading Groups and Team Building 1. Workplace Motivation 2. Conducting Presentations 3. Conducting Meetings 4. Workplace Coaching 5. Teams and Teamwork

Day 3: Planning, Quality and Productivity 1. Planning and Scheduling 2. Introduction to Workforce Planning 3. Quality Control 4. Productivity Improvement Component II - Safety Supervisory Skills Classroom Training (1 module – 16 hours total).

In addition to the Classroom Training, candidates are asked to complete a recognized supervisory safety skills training program. The recommended program “Leadership for Safety Excellence” is offered through the Alberta Construction Safety Association as well as a number of building trade union halls in Alberta. Link to Alberta Construction Safety Association – Leadership for Safety Excellence Component III - "On-The Job" Coaching of BSV skills. Applying BSV skills in the workplace to achieve success, as well as optimal construction performance, are key program goals. The Development Tool is used to measure successful field application. Graduates will work with their site supervision in the completion of this tool to receive an additional "seal" on their certificates.