Institutional Training


This form is used for courses that are offered ouside of the Electrical Industry Training Centre. This form is not for apprenticeship training. If you are seeking reimbursement for CWB Practice Time and/or Institutional Training, please contact the EITCA for APPROVED TRAINING PROVIDERS.  If you do not contact the Training Centre for prior approval, your application may not be accepted for reimbursement.

With prior approval, there are a number of Institutional Training Courses offered outside of EITCA which are approved for reimbursement for eligible IBEW 424 members.  To apply for Institutional Course Reimbursement, the criteria & process for application are as follows: 

  • Institutional Course Financial Assistance Application Form must be submitted to the Training Centre for approval before commencement of any Institutional Course.
  • Applicants must be members in good standing of IBEW Local Union 424.
  • Applicants must be eligible for Education Trust Fund Benefits at the time of commencement of course (see Eligibility Requirements, page 3).
  • Applicants must provide a paid receipt for the course applied for and proof of successful completion.  Course  Reimbursement Cheques are forwarded to the applicant. 

The Trustees of the Electrical Industry Education Trust Fund of Alberta reserve the right to limit the maximum amount of Tuition Assistance in any budget year, and/or alter, or terminate tuition assistance at any time.