Training Centre

TRAINING MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It helps give you better opportunities, sets you apart from electricians who aren't in the union, and gives you the edge needed for higher certification and better pay.

And contractors know we’re the best in the business.

The Electrical Industry Training Centres are an initiative of IBEW Local 424 and the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA). It is an internationally recognized leader in theory and practical training of unionized electrical workers

Progressive, innovative and student focused, the Training Centre has built upon its core strength of coaching and mentoring students through “hands-on” applications of basic safety, work and technical skills that are essential at the work site, and enjoys the benefits of:

  • A range of programs and courses that meet the practical work site needs of unionized employers and electrical workers both now and in the future
  • Programs and courses that are provided at strategically located facilities in the province using “state-of-the-art” equipment
  • Programs and courses that are provided at remote areas of the province with the assistance of employers, suppliers, post-secondary educational organizations and through the internet; Instructors who are highly motivated, resourceful and can respond effectively to the learning needs of students
  • A positive profile of ECAA and IBEW working together to enhance the quality of their work as they respond to industry needs
  • An autonomous organization that meets the needs of the electrical industry
  • Dedicated industry representatives who provide enlightened and visionary leadership

And IBEW 424 makes training easy for you with training centres in Calgary, Edmonton, and our mobile centre that comes right to your worksite.

OSSA Certified training for Fall Protection and AWP can be taken at the following institutions:

Fall Protection                                                                  AWP

Air Extreme 780-439-3362                                               Air Extreme 780-439-3362

Fall Protection Group 403-270-2332                               Touchback Safety 780-960-8766

Leavitt 1-866-291-3322                                                     Hertz 1-888-250-8480

Hertz 1-888-250-8480                                                        iSafety 1-855-667-2338

CICT 587-585-2428                                                           CICT 587-585-2428

Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc. 780-469-4887 (Both AWP/FP)

Calgary OSSA Training - CICT 587-585-2428 or AIP Safety Ltd. - 403-202-2477 or Hertz 403-287-9494

In order to be reimbursed you must be an eligible beneficiary and in good standing with the IBEW Local Union 424. You must complete the Instutional Training form for reimbursement and submit it to the Electrical Industry Education Trust Fund of Alberta Administrative staff prior to the commencement of your training. Upon successful completion EITCA requires a copy of your receipt showing payment and certificate showing completion.  Your reimbursement will be mailed out to the address provided on the form.