CWB Practice Time Reimbursement Form


In order to be considered for reimbursement, each member must be in good standing with IBEW Local Union 424 and be eligible for Education Benefits. If all eligibility criteria are met, EITCA will reimburse up to $750.00 for practice time every two years.

In order to ensure reimbursement, please contact an EITCA Training Administrator for list of approved CWB practice facilities, prior to commencing any practice time.  


 ***You will need to include your IBEW 424 membership number, if you do not know it, contact EITCA. 

All fields must be completed. 

Please note the required format for the following fields must be:

DOB: mm/dd/yyyy (numerical ie. 8/29/1970)

Phone:  xxx-xxx-xxxx

After you click SUBMIT, scroll up to the top of the window to view the green status bar indicating your form "was submitted successfully"

You must upload digital attachments (photos, screenshot, pdf) of practice time receipt(s), up to 5 receipts can be submitted at one time. 

Use your handheld devices to complete the online form below, photos of certificate and receipt can be attached from your device photo library.  Tablets are available at the Training Centres and assistance will be available if required during business hours Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Friday 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM.