IBEW424 JobLine

This page is a service for our Membership, and we do our best to keep this information current. 

Anyone Wanting to Bid on a Job Must Register Between 8:00am and 9:30am by Phone or in Person at any IBEW424 office.

Please Make Sure to Read The Important Jobline Notes in the Right Hand Column Before Registering for any of the Following Positions.

Any Member Working for, or Looking for Work with a Non-Union Contractor Must Immediately Contact his/her Local Union Organizer.

Failure to Register and Report Information on your Non-Union Employment will Jeopardize your Position on the Unemployment List and your Membership in L.U. 424.

Members on temporary layoff with a signatory contractor that accept Non-Union employment are severing employment relations with that signatory contractor and will not receive a job entry.



Any member who quits a job covered by an IBEW Local 424 agreement must sign the out of work list and will not be dispatched for seven (7) calendar days.       

No Member that has been laid off will be permitted to bid on posted jobs the same day they sign the Out of Work list. All members must wait until the following day to bid on any available work.


Members enrolled in the RSAP program that have not worked on a participating RSAP site for six months or more, are automatically withdrawn from the program. If you wish to reinstate your RSAP status you will be required to do another D&A test. To book a test call Homewood Health at 

780 493 0725.

Augusta Job Update

Sept 19 2018 there is a new update on the Augusta Job please read it HERE

See Here for the last Update

Oct 29th 2018

Unfortunately the Department of Labor has denied the appeal for approval of the H2B Visa’s.  So current status is the Visas have not been approved.  RCC has determined and decided on re-applying for the Visas under Williams Plant Services which is the minority owner with Bechtel which forms the limited liability company (LLC) Richmond County Constructors (RCC).  This process is currently underway, and they are diligently working on seeking approvals. 


What this means as far as opportunities for our members is another delay in attaining the required approvals.  At this time we cannot give an appropriate amount of time when they will get approval.  Best case is several weeks until they receive response from the Department of Labor in their application under Williams Plant Services. 



Inputs for IBEW 424 CBA Framework Bargaining


The CBA Framework Bargaining is beginning soon. IBEW Local Union 424 Negotiation Committee for upcoming CBA Framework Bargaining is asking for our voices to be heard. Please submit your suggestions or comments or what you would like to see in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Negotiations, and send it to the following email: negotiations@ibew424.net

View the current CBA Agreement ( Nov 1st 2015 – Apr 30th 2019)

** Please note ** Should you have multiple suggestions for the committee, you can submit more than once. All suggestions will be taken into account.

IBEW 424 Negotiations Committee: John White, Fred Babiak, Mike Reinhart, Bill Munro, Scott Crichton


Jobline for Wednesday, December 12th, 2018